Thursday, October 23, 2008

28 weeks old

My mumma says she cant believe how quick I am growing up...

I am 28 weeks old today.... that means I have been living with my family for 20 whole weeks.


Paws up!
Wookie xxx

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mumma is Tempted!

Hi Everyone!

We had a HUGE weekend!
I went to vist my breeder. She said I was very handsome.. a bit on the skinny side, SO..... I GET TO EAT MORE!!!!!
The lady called frances (she is my breeder, She told my Mum that there was a girl Dog that she was thinking about rehoming. My mumma is sooooo tempted. But there is one problem.....
My Dad says No!
Her name is panda bear, and she is a 5 year old landseer...

*sigh* I would really love to have a sister.... I wonder how I can get my dad to say yes!

paws up guys and gals

Wookie xxx

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Caboose Issues.

So here's the score.... I hear my mumma and her friends complaining about the size of their butts... (they always say they are too BIG!)

Now the size of my Butt has come into question..... Apparently I have a SMALL deriare'..
I don't get it!

Are butts meant to be big or small????

Here's a photo.. so you can critique my butt..


I saw my friend Ned (he is a newf as well) on tuesday.... his butt is definatly bigger than mine..

Paws up!
Wookie xxx

And so it Starts!

With a tentative paw forward I make a leap into cyber space...

My Name is Wookie.
I am a 24 week old Newfoundland pup..... and the apple of my Mummas eye :)


I live in Australia with my family...

My Mumma: Faith
My Daddy: John
and my two big human brothers: Connor and Zach.

Lots of my doggie friends have blogs.... So My mumma thought she would help me make my own blog to share all my ups and downs with everyone.
I'm thinking it should be fun! and if my first 24 weeks are anything to go by... a crazy ride!

Paws up!