Thursday, December 18, 2008

I got the BIGGEST surprise!

On Sunday.... My Mumma told me to hop in the car... We were going somewhere Special.

I love car rides, so I jumped in....

We drove for a loooooong time. And when we finally stopped, we were at one of my favourite places.... My breeders house. I LOVE visiting Frances. She always gives me the best smooches, and I get to visit my Uncle Teddy as well!

So we go inside and there is this girl doggie there... My mumma gets very excited, and starts petting her, and telling her how special she is.

Then she tells me to come meet my new sister!!! SISTER!!! I GOT A SISTER!!!!

(didnt see that coming did you!)

Flash is a newfie girl who has a bit of a sad stary... She was living happily with a priest, and one day he fell down and didnt get up (my Mumma said he went to heaven). Poor Flash must have been a bit confused as well... because Frances told us she barked and barked for hours and hours so someone would come and find him. When someone finally came, flash was laying next to him, licking his hand trying to make him wake up. She is 3 years old... so she is my Big sister!

So Flash is now with us, and is part of our family.... Mumma says she is too tubby and has to go on a diet... But we all love her so much! I get a bit worried she might go away though... so I like to make sure we are never very far apart!

Well all you dogz and peepz out there... I hope you have a great christmas.... and santa brings you something great... I got the best presnt already! A sister!

Paws Up

Wookie xxx

This is my new big sister Flash:

Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, By the way!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Me and my Brothers! xxxx

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I Had the BEST weekend!

My mum took me on my first Newfoundland assoc. picnic.

It was the most amazing thing i have ever done! Seriously dogs... there were so many newfies there, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The best thing, It was at a beach. I had never been to a beach before, but let me tell you... There is sand there, and you are allowed to dig! as much as you want and no one gets cross! Its awe
My mum took me for a swim.... it was nice and cool, but I got a bit scared.... those waves were a bit big... and even in the calm bit, It kinda freaked me when the water moved... (but shhhhhh don't tell anyone!)

I even got a Christmas present! My breeder Frances gave me a yummy treat pack as a present! (and mum let me eat sausages off the BBQ)

But the best bit... I got to meet my Doggy Daddy! My mum says we are very alike... and we both have the same white socks!

Well I'm going to go and have my 5th Nanny nap of the day...

But before I go I apologise pawfusly... I have been a very busy Newf, but have neglected my Blog..I promise to write more often.

Paws up!

Wookie xxxx

P.S Here are some photos!


This is my Doggie Daddy, his name is ready teddy go:


And this is my Uncle Teddy:


In the Egg and Spoon race with my Big brother Connor: