Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And so it Starts!

With a tentative paw forward I make a leap into cyber space...

My Name is Wookie.
I am a 24 week old Newfoundland pup..... and the apple of my Mummas eye :)


I live in Australia with my family...

My Mumma: Faith
My Daddy: John
and my two big human brothers: Connor and Zach.

Lots of my doggie friends have blogs.... So My mumma thought she would help me make my own blog to share all my ups and downs with everyone.
I'm thinking it should be fun! and if my first 24 weeks are anything to go by... a crazy ride!

Paws up!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Welcome Wookie :) My mum has chatted to your mum on CW, and her and dad started DogsWithBlogs. Dad will add your blog the next time he does an update - it is great to see you here and you will make lots of new friends here :)



Nessa said...

Welcome Wook! Love Nook and Pook.

The Zoo said...

Woooohoooo Wookie! Glad you joined us!
Gabe & Murphy!

Jennifer said...

Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere WOOKIE! Gabe and Willow think you are wonderful! We will add your link to our blog too.

Looking forward to watching you grow and hearing of your adventures.

Woofs and slobbers from your Newfie pals,

Gabe and Willow

aussiegoldenlily said...

Hey there Wookie! This is Jessie and Shadow here, well Jess is doin the typing cos she's the girl and she's smarter than Shadow.
Ouch, stop that Shadow, errr, I was sayin how good you are, how handsome, how lovable......[errrkkkk!]
We are Goldens and we belong to aussiegoldenlily who spends a lot of time on this machine she calls a computer. She says that Chinwag can be fun......I dunno, I know you can wag a tail, but a chin?? I think mums had too many cups of tea or something.
Anyways.......mum has ooohed and ahhhed over you Wookie, and we was gettin mighty jealous, but it's okay. You are down in Sydney and we lives up here, so our mum is safe from your big sad eyes and drool.

Gosh you drool a lot.....we thought we were bad when it came to watchin mum eat good stuff, but I think you'd win paws down.
Mum reckons your a good person cos you love your furbaby, let him in the house etc, and she likes peeps who love their furbabies like that, instead of leavin them outside in the yard all day.

Hey, we is part of the family, of course we deserve to be in with them, isn't that right?
Anyways, we just wanted to woof hello to you.
Tailwags from Jessie, Shadow and their mum, Lily.